visita custodia hijos

Visitation rights and child custody

A intentional non-compliance of the visiting arrangements established to minors create serious disorders to the spouse who enjoys their company, which has a negative effect on the relationship with the minors and disrupt the benefits that their relationship would bring.

Minors manipulation brings traumatic situations. It consists of the process by which children’s mind is manipulated by a partner through different strategies. This is the so-called Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) where children become the bargaining chip and are used with the goal to obtain economic interests and damage personal relationships.

At best, false reports for sexual harassment, intoxication charging or drug use are paired with a restraining order of children and the marital house or the corresponding prosecutions that can condition the court hearing.

In these cases, our advice and investigations will be of great value bringing the evidences that will determine the manipulation of the minors, false prosecutions of any crime within the family or domestic sphere and also to regain the compliance of the visiting arrangements and the custody of children.

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