vigilancia e info

Monitoring and reporting

The observation of details are fundamental in the clarification of the facts that we investigate and our clients provide us with a multitude of details that do not cease to be the essential basis for solving the puzzle and making a complete radiography in the investigation.

In large corporate companies, lawyers and individuals, the satisfaction of optimal research is always part of those small details that at first glance may seem irrelevant, but that throughout monitoring and investigation are of crucial importance.

The non-verbal language, the gestures and movements that we use every day unconsciously, without speaking, define clearly and precisely our character and structure of thought rather than trying to get to know the intentions of a person during hours and days of conversation. We can say "a picture is worth more than 1,000", but in fact it is an unalterable truth for our Detectives and Analysts since we know the purposes of the people we investigate without ever talking to them.

And the most important, if we see ourselves in the professional obligation of having a conversation with the person we investigate, we also know how to recognize exactly if he lies and why he does it, in other words, his motivations.

The experience is not improvised, we have been applying our own work protocols for many years with efficient results for our clients and that ultimately serve as incontestable legal evidence or to recognize people and scenarios in their lives and companies that never, without our professional help, they would have come to understand and decipher, thus avoiding unpleasant relationships that eventually become toxic.

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