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Tourism and leisure

Safe activities as quality assurance

The main value and asset of any hotel facility and tourist activity is to offer a quality service and permanence to its users. The quality of the service will also come marked by the safety of its users and the service itself. Security in leisure and free time is also a principle, an added service of critical importance, since it is not only economic value, but a factor of social importance.

Security in this area works in a very volatile situation, since customers, who constitute the good to protect, constantly change. They can be isolated tourists, tours organized, whole families, students, staff of companies attending fairs or congresses, etc. Security, therefore, must be a derivation of home security, but increased, mainly because it is: spaces or places unknown to the client; A commercial judgment based on customer service: the legislation imposes a special series of mandatory compliance requirements, due to their peculiarities.

The main needs of the customer, conscious or unconscious, in the choice of leisure and free time, are the originality in the offer, the quality, the price and the security.

Faced with such factors and responsibilities, the management of hotels, resorts and tourist security, needs to cover issues related to early warning, promotion and protection of tourism interests. Handle the uncertainty of operating in changing environments; be guided in choosing the appropriate strategy, optimize the protection of your critical goods.

Prevent insecurity, maintain system efficiency and provide quality and safe recreational activities for users and employees.

Our research in this area, and our intelligence studies results, aim to cover those specific gaps in information and provide our knowledge of tourism security, reducing risks and thus ensuring a stable field of action in the various performance scenarios.

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