Investigation in the family and social sphere

Infidelity of a spouse.
Inquiry of social relationships.
Separations and breaks of cohabitation.
Rapid divorce.
Complaint for maintenance.
Complaint for compensatory pension.
Irregular work activity.
Inquiry of properties.
Inquiry of bank funds.
Inquiry of investment in tax heavens.
Inquiry of labour activity.
Review of maintenance claim.
Review of compensatory pension.
Factual living in ex marital house.
Regain the ex marital house.
Children work activity.
Review of children maintenance.
Children custody.
Incompletion of children visit arrangements.
False reports within the domestic field.
False accusation of sexual aetiology.
Children social relationships.
Addictions, inebriation, addiction to gambling.
Location and research of minors.
Robbery and thefts at home.
Preliminary references from domestic services.
Children abuse by carers.
Installation of hidden micro-cameras.
Claim of inheritances and testators.
Location of biological parents.
DNA tests, confidential laboratory.
International service of testators location

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