servicios investigacion

Investigation Services

Scientific-technical support for investigation and counselling

Authenticity verification or document forgery.
Determination of authorship of signatures and handwriting.
Study of payment documents (cheques, notes, credit cards, etc.).
Determination of authenticity of clothes and accessories, audio and video products, registered brands, etc.
Industrial and intellectual property.
Study of micro marks left by instruments, tools or footsteps.
Facial composite.
Authenticity of audio and video recordings.
Voice recognition from the speaker.
Authenticity of photographies. Analysis of possible photo manipulation.
Virtual recreation of the scene.
Classification of personalities and criminal environments. Criminal Psychology. Profiling.
Analysis of hidden intentionality. Forensic linguistics.
Personality graphology studies.
Family psychology of handwriting.
Detection of handling of electronic circuits such as mobile phones, video games, etc.
Analysis of computer networks such as fraudulent extractions of information by a network user.
Non authorised access to IT resources. Fraudulent use of programmes. Cybernetic fraud, accountancy files extraction.
Internet analysis such as pornography, fraud, etc.
Detection of hidden environmental or telephonic microphones and transmitters.
Web analysis of environmental pollutants in water, soil, food or air.
Valuations and evaluations of possessions and assets.

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