servicios integrales y de valor añadido


To anticipate useful knowledge, security; and versatile and specialised support

The key of our services is marked by the development of techniques of imaginative management that enhances the efficiency and offers results for a better balance between price and quality (“low cost” model) and the development of differentiated technologies and analytic methodologies that make it possible to enhance (“high-tech” model).

Consultative investigation, Information Analysis, Advice and specialised Assistance to protect and promote your interests:

Situation analysis and problems identification.
Identification of possible contingencies and responsibilities.
Diagnose of crisis adaptation, reorientation and solutions.
Identification and prioritisation of complementary strategies.
Study of the case and options and strategies planning.
Digital surveillance in virtual scenes of interest.
Analysis of intelligence of objectives upon open sources/ Internet.
Monitoring and specialised reports about aspects of interest (environment, competence, image, security, etc.).
Indicators, analysis and tracking of risks, threats and security errors and business operations.
Studies and programmes about criminal prevention and in company fraud.
Anti-fraud surveillance, money laundering and illegal financing programmes.
Programmes of surveillance of Good Diligence practices (EDD) and corporative Compliance.
Programmes of surveillance for the identification of hidden risks in corporate relationships and human networks.
Analysis and tracking of information security in people.
Detailed analysis and study of consultative research for informed decision-making.
Advice and assistance of Particulars in strategy and management of the raised fact.
Advice and assistance of Lawyers in strategy, planning and development in Probationary activity.
Advice and assistance to Companies in strategies, planning and development of Competitive and Preventive Intelligence activity.
Coordination and integrated management of multidisciplinary projects: Private Research, Criminalistics, Search and Analysis of Information for Intelligence, Counter espionage and Corporative Security and Consultative Investigation of wide spectre
Externalisation of your activities of information, investigation, criminalistics, psychology of handwriting, surveillance, counter espionage and competitive and preventive intelligence.

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