servicios empresa


Private investigation services
Investigation in business and labour field

Labour reference reports.
Feign medical leaves.
Control of timetable, productivity and attendance.
Control of labour absenteeism.
Labour and commercial dubiety.
Fraud in daily allowances and mobility.
Fraud in trade union hours.
Theft of material and robbery of cash.
Substance abuse and intoxication.
Image recording inside the company.

Staff and directors
Prior investigations of clients and suppliers.
Investigations of corporate compliance.
Investigation of finance department.
Control in sales and purchasing departments.
Investigation of outward signs.
Leakage of information in Investigation and Development environments.
Robbery of creative and competitive projects.
Professional infringement and secret disclosure.
Investigation of front companies and commercial engineering.
Digital investigation, control of the computer network.
Investigation of brands, products and false services.
Feigned solvency and false insolvency.
Counter-espionage and detection of wire-taps.
Video recording of criminal events and micro cameras.

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