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Any investment in security quality and risk control constitutes a decisive competitive advantage.

Information and Investigation for corporate Security:

Information and advice

Advice in management of risk and business security.
Identification of threats and weaknesses.
Identification of possible contingencies and corporative responsibilities.
Prospective of risk and security.
Identification of errors of quality in the safety of operations.
Analysis of security in trusted places.
Personal safety procedures in management activities.
Location of critical reporting leakage within the company and countermeasures.
Measures against industrial espionage and information loss.
Protection strategy and data treatment.
Measures and countermeasures of detection and protection of information sensitivity.
Observation of security indicators within social, competitive and internal environment for a previous evaluation of risk and strategic planning.
Observation of security indicators in activities and provision of services for good control and continuous improvement.
Observation of security indicators to prevent crime and fraud against assets.


Investigation of fraudulent, conflictive acts and threats.
Surveillance of logistic movement, commercial chains and routes of distribution.
Location of surveillances and following of directors, transports and business activities of added risk (counter surveillance).
Surveillance and confirmation of hidden criminal acts and conducts or in secret (graffiti, unknown losses, sabotage on doors and systems and other damages against possessions).
Cruises, travels and sightseeing routes surveillance.
Surveillance in stations and passenger transport.
Surveillance in congresses, conventions and events.
Surveillance in fairs and art, jewellery and valuable objects exhibitions.
Surveillance in hotels and tourism activities.
Surveillance in big commercial areas and public local areas with a large turnout.

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