servicio investigación científico técnico

Scientific-technical investigation

Documentary or any other technical means fraud affects people and, especially, companies and trade. This is a path towards crimes, such as swindle, misappropriation, embezzlement, sabotage, insolvency, etc. against the company itself that would facilitate unfair competition, distortion of facts, the discovery and disclosure of secrets, corruption, or any other kind of crime against free trade or business activity.

In order to help companies, lawyers and affected particulars to fight this issue, we can offer experts in scientific-technical investigation that deal with all intelligence, prevention and safety questions related to fraud in a interdisciplinary way.

According to the casuistry, an adequate scientific-technical procedure is used : graphical, document expert, linguistics, identifications, acoustics, imagery, electronics, IT, computer graphics, biology, chemistry, instrumental traces, psychology of handwriting analysis, criminal psychology, profiles, etc. Furthermore, we implement analysis and technical research of interception, hidden environmental transmitters and communications.

Therefore, everything is about obtaining legal proves from a scientific perspective that aims to attribute responsibilities and improve a vulnerable system. This is why they use expert and forensic techniques and technological advances.

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