servicio análisis información inteligencia

Business intelligence - Services

The timely knowledge of the information constitutes a competitive advantage within the global market.

Corporate investigation and Information Analysis for Business Intelligence: Research services, analysis and free information supply found in sources or registry of public access:

Study of situation and settings.
Virtual surveillance and economic and competitive intelligence analysis about open sources/ Internet.
Investigation of risk and business opportunities.
“Know your client” reports based on risk.
Personalised information of competition markets.
Due diligence investigation.
Competitor profiles.
Verification of illegal practices of competitors.
Geo political and geo economical forms about countries and areas of interest.
Intelligence studies (technology, competitors, clients and environment).
Flash reports and personalised periodic informative Newsletters.
Investigation and management information for departments, and security and business intelligence activities.
Specialised reports to optimise work production and property preservation.
Evaluations of ex-ante and ex-post impact.

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