seguridad corporativa

Corporate security

Investigation/Information to adapt security to needs and risks.

The essentials: being informed and prevent.

All companies can suffer, and actually they suffer, from prejudicial situations and abuses for their interests produced by different reasons. They come from outside or inside the company and affect either the structure and results or the procedures and activities: productive, economic, commercial, logistics, inside command, staff, security and even to the responsibility and credit or name of the company itself.

At present, robberies and violent acts have increased the companies’ attention towards the improvement of external security measures, while they do not control them well enough because of problematic situations and intern wrongs that may erode the company itself; or affect others, such as the action derivatives of a disloyal or corrupt worker, the connections or dishonest competition, industrial espionage or general fraud.

In front of these circumstances, companies need to be provided of very specific knowledge to solve problems within the environment of business security strategies, fraud prevention, development of safe activities, protection of secrets and capacities, constant improvement and crisis management.

We bring useful knowledge to adjust their security to the needs and risks, such as investigation, surveillance, information and analysis, that contribute to strengthen the management and quality of the security. It would be used as a guide to design and fulfil a business strategy of integrated prevention destined to warn about errors and negligence’s, protect the competitive value and their corporate responsibility, facilitating control and due diligence.

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