What writing reveals: Determines the author of the signatures. Allow to see how people are. Examine candidates. Contribute to spouse’s election. Evaluate children’s character.

Psycho diagnose from writing.

Only one page hand writing is enough the release a wide diagnose of personality. Because of its spontaneity, it is more reliable than the results obtained as a consequence of being forced and conditioned in a test or other assessment that are not based on free expression.

Mind affects the body, and body to mind. Transactional grapho- analysis studies a person fully as a psychological and somatic being. In handwritten graphics you will find these psychosomatic signs interrelated and they cannot be taken in isolation to be analysed, bringing psycho-physical information that enters in the depth of personality.

We will help you to know personality through writing. With the handwriting study we can understand specific aspects of a personality that are of your interest and that, sometimes, you yourself do not know.

This practice is performed either with adults or with children and teenagers and it is used, specially with the last two; to help to form, guide and understand the reasons of their behaviour, above all.

Personnel selection

Writing reveals our personality without tricks, so its analysis is of a big interest within the labour field.

The application of graphology techniques within the HR department for personnel selection is gaining more and more acceptance within companies that need it as a complementary method to other traditional selective systems, such as the CV and the interview. The advantage of this technique is its rapidity in the initial selection of hand writing or covering letters, especially, when there are lots of candidates and it is impossible to get the same results by means of a short-listing selective test.

For the implementation of this test, a simple writing will be enough without losing its objectivity for this purpose. Because writing cannot be neither disguised nor controlled, the results are very reliable and they can be obtained immediately. That is why its economic costs are related to efficiency and rapidity.

Therefore, this technique will allow you to obtain the maximum information of the candidate: detect predispositions and dubious or disloyal conducts, intellectual potential, level of ambition, performance, maturity, personality and sociability, as well as, the aptitudes for the position to be covered.

Graphology and partners

Through the handwriting analysis of a text the suitability of character within the private sphere can be established. Graphology will help us before our first step towards the beginning of a sentimental relationship, to determine the suitability between characters, level of reliability and honesty, how good he or she is as a lover, who will dominate the relationship or, on the contrary, who will be more likely to submit. Definitely, it will preview how this relationships will be accomplished.

Graphology and children

Through the analysis of texts or drawings of our children we can detect how they feel internally, their fears and phobias; to help them to increase their self-esteem and security in themselves and work their emotions and blocks. Likewise, this technique is suitable to guide teenagers when they choose their degree and their professional future.

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