probática litigios

Legal experience + Probatic science + Evidence = Guarantee to succeed

Advice and assistance to the lawyer can be provided, within a frame of an extra and judicial process, in order to obtain evidences that may be subject of discussion and facilitate the most efficient solution.

Within a judicial process, a lawyer must prove the points of discussion among other things.

Complexity of associated cases and conceal, which is so idiosyncratic within illicitness, makes the forensic evidence activity, that is developed with the goal to investigate and prove a fact of interest for a judicial process or activity, requires more time and more and more technical or scientific knowledge, which are more and more linked to criminology.

Additionally, within this field we pay special attention to lawyers themselves. We assist them during all their forensic evidence activity, either in preparation and intervention in a denunciation or complaint or in defence.

Lawyers are advised in terms of evidence investigation. First of all, in critical reflection about the data collected, which is used to handle the investigation of the sources and the subsequent strategic elaboration of the forensic evidence formula; and, especially, in knowledge research about the circumstances of a fact and bring such knowledge to the process.

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