prevención responsabilidad

Liability prevention

Modern economic and social activity brings a wide number of situations that generate all kinds of responsibilities.

The new legislation executes more pressure than ever to a responsibility incorporating, among other innovations, the criminal responsibility of legal persons.
"Companies may be held liable for crimes committed by their administrators or by any employee, if they do not maintain an adequate and preventive organization and control system".

To avoid incurring responsibility or mitigate it, it will be necessary for companies to implement a prevention system, which seeks the detection of punishable behavior (damages, industrial espionage, fraud, workplace harassment, discrimination, corruption, etc.) and especially, demonstrate that through the necessary control and security mechanisms, linked to both commercial activity and its structure, as well as the socio-labor sphere, proper control is exercised.

A good starting point for the prevention of incidents and conducts that give place to a responsibility is being provided by a supervision system based on legal advice from lawyers and preventive research, that would be executed by detectives, criminalists and experts. These professionals would detect errors and negligence’s.

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