observación indicadores seguridad

Observation of Safety Indicators

Within the current challenging geo-economical spectre, to implement and control security systems is not enough. You need to prevent and extend the security management to all business activities that can have consequences on the quality and permanency of business.

The most immediate risk warnings and the process of security improvement are efficient means to develop positive changes that let you save money, either for the company or for the customers.

Analysis of security indicators in environments and activities is the most basic tool to understand, preview and, therefore, reduce the variation in systems and its components.

Our specialisation in research and security supports your organisation to collect useful information for measurement, analysis and improvement of the security, either in risk analysis and strategic planning, or operational management, evaluation of success and reprogramming of systems and processes.

The information collection is based on observation of indicators of security that have been preset through monitoring and identification of threats and vulnerabilities, scene observation and structures work and analysis of statistics and questionnaires.

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