investigación preventiva

Preventive investigation

Product counterfeiting, fraud, discredit, the discovery of industrial capacity and unfair competition prejudice the image of a company and sets it in a disadvantageous situation in front of competitors.

The punishable conducts and acts committed in companies by their administrators or any worker may result in civil or criminal liability. In order to avoid and give a solution to these problems, it is important to implement certain measures.

A detailed programme of preventive surveillance and investigation will help to identify global risks in order to provide the company with the strategy that will best protect their interests, competitive values and responsibilities, undertaking coordinated actions of search for security and response in defence of the business.

Therefore, the preventive investigation that detectives, criminalists and experts can exercise through the business supervision system because of its evaluation function and early warning of weaknesses and responsibilities, is a timely starting point for the good government, simplification of precesses and management optimisation of global risks.

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