Business intelligence

Investigation and analysis of intelligence on open sources

“The basics, to know before”. Accelerating the Decision Cycle.

Even though many things have changed over time and the existence of period of fast changes seems evidential, the essential strategic, tactical and logical principals to value conflicts and competitiveness are still active. Now more than ever, the practice and security of a business must be more realistic and adjust the sails to stay on the right course. Especially, in case of changing situations, the increase of new technologies, concerted action of economic influence and threats to business security.

Companies need value added information to know the current geo-economical situation of crisis and unfair competition of the involved parties, and their own position regarding economic security and its impact within business competition. Likewise, it is used to extract previous hypothesis from which an organisation can justify their decision to obtain knowledge capacity and security against any mismanagement and improve their business opportunity; to value the possible risks and threats, either internal or external, and prevent their consequences, and have a better management of achievement.

Our speciality comprehends an integrated investigation and consultative typology Intelligence (analytic and informative function) and the assistance of decision or executive bodies that materialise their support by means of the Situation and Scene Study and the completion of the corresponding intelligence report with the relevant data, considerations and guidelines that better instrument the promotion and protection of our business interests and competitive markets.

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