informacion estrategica

Information for Strategic Intelligence

Knowledge of the setting is decisive

Nowadays, the first strategic instrument is crisis observation and the understanding of its problems.

In simplified terms, in order to maintain their competitiveness and permanency, companies need to develop two types of strategies. One the one hand, offensive,- taking advantage of opportunities- aimed to know the market and its possibilities. And on the other hand, defensive, -risk management- aimed to deny information and protect its objectives.

We give specialised Information, Analysis and Assistance for the planning and conduction of strategies, giving a preventive and proactive vision:
• Competitive Intelligence: to know to protect and promote their own interests. • Security Intelligence: to know to protect, detect and counteract fraud, industrial espionage, dishonest competitive activity and other internal or external abuses against their own interests.
The relevant aspects highlighted are: a geo-economical, commercial, scientific, technological, financial, legal, social, geo-political, cultural, environmental, etc. challenging environment.

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