información e investigación gestionada

Managed information and investigation

External management of Information, Surveillance and Investigation activities

Every day it is more and more necessary for companies and professionals to externalise certain auxiliary activities of information, research and security to free their own resources, avoid overloading efforts, rationalise investments and simplify processes.

Occasionally, they require the organisation of very specific or extraordinary services to solve concrete and exclusive problems or develop complex projects within the crisis management field, anti-fraud surveillance, competitive intelligence, counter espionage or probationary activity.

Our strategic consultancy provides you with a large experience to focus and solve adequately your concrete problems, such as managing externalisation (outsourcing) of such activities and projects.

Assistance is materialised within a gamma of managed services by accredited experts that comprise from permanent advice in analysis and strategies, continuous search of significant information, personality graphology studies for staff selection, stock and product movement controls, investigation of evidences for lawsuits and cases, versatile and specialised investigation for strategic business intelligence and security; to the corporate detective and the surveillance of cruisers, tourist trips and maritime transport of goods.

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