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OLIVER Guarantee

Officially registered since 1981, Oliver Private Detectives is an investigation and security services brand. Our organisation aims to protect and promote your interests. Your needs and decisions are part of our corporate responsibility, and the satisfaction of our clients is the most important priority.

The quality of our professional services covers all sectors, from private and confidential attention everything you say will be confidential, and professional secrecy of your orders, to the efficient development of our activity within all sectors, social settings and public roads.

We offer a wide variety of research and safety services to cover all your demands with respect to your budget. Professional experience and thousands of solved cases for more than 30 years show proof of our efficiency and offer up to date resources in research, information analysis, criminology and counter-espionage and security.
Personalised attention and a direct relationship with the client lead us to not consider a research job finished until the result is completely satisfying for him.
The specialisation of each of our services and activities give place to the intentional search of interesting relative knowledge for companies, lawyers and particulars. The objective is to obtain relevant and reliable information that your confidential matters require to understand, verify and apply that knowledge in finding a solution for the initial problem, and show proof of evidence.
The guarantee commitment is based on our model and format of professional action. We create search processes in an innovative manner. Annually, we follow strict controls and analysis from the Administration bodies, obtaining the corresponding certificates of conformity according to the current Legislation, and professional prestige acknowledgement.

Josep Maria Oliver
License 267

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