electrónica e informática

Electronics and computing

Technology research

Investigation within the digital sphere allows lawyers, company advisers and department managers to deal, with rapidity and efficiency, conflicts and security incidents where digital means, such as computers, mobile phones or Internet services are involved.

The threat to information security has transferred to the cyberspace and criminal actions are committed by new criminals (cybercriminals, technology bandits, hackers, information thieves …), not only through information means, but also through any other technological means.

The analysis of threaten electronics and IT systems consist of the study of specific physical components (hard disk, mobile phone …). This analysis can be part or be conducted as a consequence of an investigation to find digital evidences generated in conflicts where digital information is involved or could be the origin. The goal is obtaining electronic evidence collection on these conflicts or crimes and, therefore, make more effective the research related to high technology crimes and favor the application of measures to fight against IT crimes and crimes in cyberspace.

The most highlighted technological investigations within the electronic sphere are:

Handling and use of electronic devices: stations, video games, TV de-codifier, frequency inhibitor, spying devices, etc.
Analysis of cards with a magnetic band or chip.
Data stored in mobiles, cards, electronic diaries, etc.

The most highlighted technical investigations within the informatics sphere are:

Analysis of the contents of a hard disk.
Back up and security copies.
Recovery of deleted data in IT support.
Reading and decoding of data in hidden files.
Study of connexions, nets and not allowed accesses.
Determination of keys to access computers, mobiles, programmes.
Burst access keys.

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