divorcios y pensiones

Divorce, savings and advantages regarding maintenance

A specific programe of investigation will help you to obtain a clear advantage during the process of separation and divorce. You will save unnecessary costs related to maintenance claims and compensatory allowances for a spouse or children when they keep a working and economic independent situation. Even in cases when work activity strengthens legal sanctions , or there is a provision of fund and investment in financial entities outside the country, the savings in costs will be noticed.

Evidences will also allow you to claim, with clear advantages, pensions and economic compensation of a spouse and their children. They will determine the real patrimonial, economic and labouring situation of the spouse, who has been obliged to maintain the same life style after the marital break.

So, with our investigations and evidences you can
regain your former marital house, which you own, or its contracted sale when it is used by third parties unrelated to the couple or its destination, indicated in the separation and divorce order, is altered.

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