detectives familia

Detectives and family

The family sphere deserves protection, specific care and detection of extramarital relationships, infidelity and anomalous behaviors of the couple, as well as the behavior and social development of children.

Reduction, augmentation and cancellation of economic marital pensions; and, revision of maintenance allocated to children and the application of custody by the parents for the unfulfilment of their duties within the household are the most popular demands from the affected in the courts. Infidelity research, divorces and pensions are our professional specialities within the family field. Besides, a wide jurisprudence and favourable sentences for our clients interests are provided.

The evidences provided by our investigators in collaboration with highly qualified professionals specialized in family litigation and matrimonial proceedings (lawyers, psychiatrists, graphologists, psychologists, riminalists, forensic accountants, public notaries and inheritance experts), are your best presentation of proofs in front of Courts.

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