detectives empresa

Detectives and companies

Before fraudulent symptoms or prejudicial acts with effects onto the good functioning of the company and the adequate resolution of the case, it is crucial that you clarify such signs and situations by means of a detailed investigation. The efficiency of the investigation and its scientific and technical methods provide the evidences that lead to a final solution to the never ending sources of economic losses and origins of labour disputes.

The detail and quality of the investigations developed within the business field come from multiple favourable sentences, with purposive mention of our professional intervention in front of the law courts. The evidences provided are the best guarantee of success for our clients, credibility in front of the courts and deterrence before any external or internal aggression.
Our clients are multinational companies, chancellor administration members of Spanish companies, SMEs, professionals and businessmen from all kinds of economics sectors; local, autonomic and central public administrations of the state. Even labour unions which are not the less prone to suffer labour abuse and fraud.

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