detectives abogados

Detectives and lawyer

Investigation in the forensic evidence field

The function of the lawyers is offering legal solutions to companies and particulars that will avoid future damages.

Our investigators, analysts, criminalists and experts are here to make it happen.

Detectives Oliver innovates and develops a variety of well specialised services to support and favour the lawyers in their basic juridical tasks, a diversity of very specialised services in different fields of investigation and probative science that efficiently contribute to the achievement of the objectives:

Giving advice, related to rights and obligations and the functioning of the legal system, to assist previous investigations aimed to warn negligence and avoid responsibilities.

Assisting all adequate forms and all judicial measures to protect and defend their clients’ interests. They would contribute with technical reports, commercial, labour and business investigations, graph psychological analysis, etc. Our professionals credit, issue reports and develop the applied technical expertise within any field of action.

Assistance and intervention in trials and their evidential nature for lawsuits and cases, bringing proves with science technical research and their consequent probationary proposals, specific survey, valuations and the research of substantial evidences.

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