To investigate is like opening a door and discovering what is inside. To prove is to confirm what is inside in order to judge.

Companies and particulars suffer incidents that they wish to identify, and find the motive and the authors. The lawyers determine the existence of a crime to adequately develop their forensic evidence activity, that allows to prepare cases and lawsuits.

As a consequence of the discovery of a materialised fact or search of proofs in progress, a series of questions or technical and scientific questions that require a specialised answer are planned to clarify and resolve the issues raised. They are aimed to discover and qualify the incident and also the materialization of a proof.

Criminalistics is centred on the localisation and study of the signs found in the crime scene, and it is complemented with a scientific-technical analysis to compile the experts report about the examined incident.

Field criminalistics performs the ocular inspection of the crime scene, the initiation of the hypothesis and sample collection; criminalistics laboratory: graphics, document expert, traces, identification; biology, chemistry, acoustics, image, computer graphics, electronics, IT, etc.

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