Counterespionage and internal security

In order to defend the relevant company’s information and cancel espionage activity, a sophisticated counter espionage service is provided. It goes from advice and design of programmes of prevention and secrets protection to management and implementation of systems and countermeasures executions.

To favour the efficiency of internal security policy and stop unauthorised personnel from discovering the lines of action of a business, together with capacities and vulnerabilities, a team of experts verifies the effectiveness of the existing processes, identifies the needs, and recommends the work tools and methods that may make counter espionage and interior security effective, which is integrated within the general business management.

To face determinate competitive illicit or unfair actions, internal or external, we are provided with specific investigation, digital surveillance and security intelligence services.

In front of occurring risks, specific investigations are made and strategies and programmes are designed based on the security information upon people and threat prevention. Among all of them, we highlight Operative Security, Business Information Protection, and Directors and Personnel Security of sensitive places with circumstances of predictable risk.

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