consultoria inteligencia empresas

Consultancy of Intelligence in companies

Consultative investigation, Information Analysis and specialised Advice of Economic and Competitive Intelligence.

Professional and personal activities, without the adequate intelligence, are blind, deaf and without brain

Intelligence Consultancy services are one of the branches within the Strategic Consultancy field in Companies that offers an individualised specific orientation, consultative support in Economic and Strategic Intelligence (analysis and information) leading to modern Management, and the promotion and protection of their company objectives.

Basically, the service consists of facilitating the analysis and specialised knowledge to management about different questions in relation to scenes and intelligence and business security capacities, such as:

• What we should know and what we should do to adjust the strategic planning, early warning and economic security. They are based on the risks and international, socials and geo-economical challenges (Social ecosystem); in global competitive and sectoral stage (Competitive ecosystem); and in the nature of its company activity (internal ecosystem).
• How to dispose of capacity and advantage of intelligence, and economic and competitive counter intelligence in front of the current defying geo- economical spectre.

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