consultas y contrataciones

Consultations and Hiring

Hire according to your needs and possibilities

All our Private Investigation and Intelligence Analysis provided to companies, lawyers and particulars, advertised in Detectius Oliver Website, can be hired and adjusted to your information needs and price.

From services of high added value, dedicated to specially complex issues that require time and resources, to others more simple, standardised and systematised.

To contract our services within any office of Spain is very simple. You only have to apply for your research petition and send it through the email form (web contact).

If it is more comfortable, you can also apply for all our services on the phone. Simply choose the kind of service you require and call our Customer Service line: (+34) 934 124 100.

In case that you want to receive personal attention, you can be directed to any of our offices, previously applying for an appointment. In order to do so, call our Customer Service line : (+34) 934 124 100.

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