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Detectives of Tourist Apartments

Avoid economic fraud and fines on your property.

Do you know that you could be fined with sanctions ranging from 30,000 to 600,000€ if your tenant carries out tourist activities on your property without being duly authorized and without your consent?

The Tax Agency has imposed almost 800 sanctions in Barcelona and 3,000 taxpayers are being inspected.

The regulation on housing for tourist use is brief, but very specific: "The owner of the activity is the owner of the house, although its marketing can be entrusted to a manager." In summary, if a tenant decides to carry out some tourist activity in the house, without the knowledge of the lessee, the last responsible is the owner.

How do tenants perpetrate these illegal activities on your property?

As a general rule, the fraudulent tenants present their identification through their ID or documentation of foreign residents in Spain, NIE, to formalize the contract with the property, fulfilling all the requirements of economic security and banking entities for the payment of the monthly payments.

Without losing a minute after signing the contract, the alleged tenants convert your usual living place into tourist accommodation, announcing the offer of availability, reservation and accommodation amounts through the digital platforms.

What happens when the owner of the house receives the notice about the sanction proposed by the Tax Agency?

The owner tries to contact the false tenant, but receives no answer as they disappear or argue that it is a misunderstanding, prolonging the illegal situation of the tourist housing and economic benefit.

In the best of situations the alleged tenants hand over the keys to the landlord, canceling the contract, but the proposed economic sanction of the administration does not stop for the owner, who must assume responsibility in the process.

We can avoid the scam

Before to the conclusion of the rental contract we carry out an exhaustive analysis of the alleged tenant.

We offer you security when hiring a renter and clear any doubts about the possible illegal activity on your property. At Oliver Detectives we are pioneers in this sector, a large number of cases in our historic official registry corroborate the specialization in the tourist framework, and the detection of acts that harm homeowners, in addition to causing a comparative grievance between the citizens who pay their taxes and those who wrongfully damage the public coffers with this opaque activity.

Oliver Detectives applies the World Codo of Ethics for Tourism, a fundamental frame of reference for responsable and sustainable tourism. The brand tourist attraction enjoyed by our cities is the prize for the daily effort of all the actors in the tourist sector: town halls, hotel establishments, tourist apartments and apartments, citixenship and profesional agents, etc.

And above all there is no place for scammers and tax evaders.

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