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Company Lawyer

The current business lawyer, who works both independently and as part of the company staff, provides a service to different areas of interest because of the development of its different activities. It deals not only with providing legal advice in the different areas (commercial, labor, administrative, financial, environmental, criminal, civil, etc.), but also in the drafting of legal documents and measures, carrying out procedures and negotiations on behalf of the company, and the handling of judicial processes.

Regarding these legal abilities, it must be considered that business competitiveness is more and more complex and global. Companies might be more focused on the corporate government and management of general risks. Legal advice to business cannot be completely in isolation from any kind of legal advice, such as the competitive one or the company’s image.

In order to favour the study and analysis of different issues of the company and its competitive environment, together with the protection and defence of the clients interests, we can provide you with very specialised services in obtaining information, scientific-technical investigation and analysis of socio occupational information, commercial, surveys and valuations.

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