infidelidad directivos

Manager Disloyalty and Unfair Competition

Senior officials have the power to decide strategies and vital development plans for the existence and development of the companies. Precisely because they belong to the staff, they are expected to comply with the maximum diligence in their projects and the rightful bonus of guarantee in professional secrecy.

However, within the history of leakage investigated by our company 7 out of every 10 directors commit frauds within the departments of sales and purchasing, finance and research, and development. All of them cause material and non-material losses for a minimum value worth €30,000 and frauds over €100m. Besides, infidel directors even put their own companies into a financially untenable situation. The protocols of investigations include the Defrauder Profile system, which allows our clients save costs and put into practice the most adequate strategy for its investigation. Our management is complemented with a recommendation of “attention” to inadequate internal control that these kind of frauds create.

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